2013-2014 ROSTER

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Prospective Players:

Every year the Miami University Club Hockey Team holds open try-outs in September. All registered Miami Students (or Miami Hamilton Students) who are enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours and possess at least a 2.0 cum GPA are eligible.

We hold an informational meeting during the first week of classes each year. Traditionally, there is a $20 try out fee that must be paid before you are able to participate in Drop In Sessions that are reserved for those trying out for the team. There are 5-7 Drop In Sessions that lead up to the first day of try outs in order for everyone to get there legs back from the off season.

Traditionally there are 26 players who make the team, and all returning players must try out again every year. There is an average of 75 players who try out each year for the team.

Member dues are traditionally between $350-$400 per semester and go towards covering ice bills, referee fees, travel expenses, league dues, and a minimal equipment budget. The club relies heavily upon fundraising campaigns and university funding to help balance the operating budget.

Miami Club hockey players come from various leagues. High School Varsity, Midget AA, Midget AAA, Junior B, and Jr. A are all represented on our team.

We practice 2-3 days a week after 8pm on the weekdays. A typical schedule would have around 24 regular season games with 3-4 road trips before playoffs. We never play over holiday breaks, and follow the university's schedule to allow all players the ability to go home when other students go home (ie. Fall Break)

If you have more questions regarding the Miami University Club, please email Head Coach Patrick Higgins or call the Goggin Ice Center at 513-529-9800 and ask for Patrick.


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